Dr. Terri Bittner earned her B.A. in Applied Mathematics from UC San Diego, with minors in Electrical Engineering and Music (piano performance). She earned her M.S. in Statistics from UC San Diego, and her Ph.D. in Operations Research from Walden University. Her Ph.D. dissertation concerned theoretical and applied statistical analysis. She has had a very diverse career. She began her career as an electrical engineer, where she wrote optimization algorithms and performance models for complex combination hardware/software systems. She has started and run several successful companies, the largest of which was an educational resource development company of approximately 150 people. Her company wrote and produced math and science textbooks and supplemental resources for textbooks, and was well known throughout the math and science textbook publishing industry. She sold that business in 1999, and turned to volunteer work and teaching. She has also worked on and off as a pianist, especially early in her career. Dr. Bittner has taught math and statistics at the junior high school, high school, and university levels on and off throughout her career. She specializes in working with honors students, and has created new honors courses for two schools. She has thousands of hours of experience working one on one with students from ages 13—adult, and very much enjoys her teaching at all levels. She has also consulted for small businesses. Dr. Bittner currently teaches honors courses at Sequoia High School and is the co-owner of Bittner Development Group, an educational services company she owns with her husband.

Kurt Norlin is the senior editor at Bittner Development Group, working on a diverse range of projects from high level engineering & physics texts, to content development for media projects. He has a B.A. in Physics from UC San Diego and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from UC Irvine. His graduate studies included several years as a teaching assistant/associate in philosophy courses and in UC Irvine's Humanities Core Course. He now works as a math and science textbook content editor, for the company originally founded by Dr. Bittner. He has also taught at the college level as an adjunct philosophy professor and, more recently, has done consulting work in the area of statistical demographics.

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