Here you'll find a collection of useful articles and papers.

Writing Essays

The following short paper is an essay about organizing and writing essays of all types. The material in the first section of the paper is broad, and will be useful for high school students and Ph.D. candidates alike. The second section of the paper is specifically about writing at a doctoral level, and clearly explains how to develop "critical analysis" in scholarly writing. Comments about the paper may be sent to Dr. Bittner or Dr. Norlin, and suggestions are welcome, including suggestions about other material of this sort that you would find useful.

Writing Essays

This paper is protected under copyright laws, and is for personal use only. It may not be copied or disseminated to third parties in any form. However, feel free to send your friends to the site to download it themselves.

Doctoral Writing for a KAM—Selecting Topics, References, and Research

This essay is specific to Walden University, and deals with selecting topics and references for KAMS.

Study Resources

If you want to study or review algebra 2/trig or precalculus on your own, click here for some good resources.

Short papers on probability, statistics, and other mathematical topics.

The following short papers are tutorials that Dr. Bittner wrote for her students. They are intended to introduce and explain topics that students often find confusing. Papers will be added to this list periodically, and Dr. Bittner welcomes suggestions or requests for tutorials on other topics involving probability, statistics, or mathematics.

KAMS from Walden University, written by Dr. Bittner

The following documents are KAMS (Knowledge Area Modules) that were written as academic papers while Dr. Bittner was at Walden University. A KAM is really just a large research paper made up of three parts. Each KAM contains a Breadth section, a Depth section, and an Application section. These documents will be useful to Walden University students, and provide examples of KAMS on various topics. Further, these KAMS are organized and paginated correctly, and they contain all the items that are required in a KAM, including the learning agreement associated with the KAM.

If you are not a Walden University student, the KAMS may be interesting for the research content that they provide. Simply skip the material at the beginning having to do with the learning agreement and self-evaluation, and go right to the beginning of the Breadth section.

Other KAMS from Walden University

Published papers

The following papers are published papers. Dr. Bittner's dissertation is included here, along with two papers that were published in international refereed journals. The dissertation has to do with a new discovery about least squares regression predictions, and is the winner of the Frank Dilley award, Walden's Outstanding Dissertation Award for 2007. The first published paper contains material from a subset of Dr. Bittner's dissertation. The full dissertation goes deeper into the subject.

Additional published papers and other related materials will be posted in this section as they become available. If you feel that you have a paper that would fit nicely on this website, please email Dr. Bittner or Dr. Norlin.

We are not allowed to post links for papers published in copyrighted journals, but you can find these articles at your university library or on a university library website.

About This Site

Welcome to the website of Dr. Terri Bittner. This website is intended to provide educational resources, inspire critical thinking, and provide a way to contact me and discuss educational issues.

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